How to Purchase Products on Shop Advisor NG.

­After checking the prices of products in Nigeria, The next step is to purchase them online. However, for most newbie online shoppers, buying items online might be a bit confusing. Follow the steps below to successfully purchase your desired products online on Jumia through our website.

Step #1: Visit our products category page to find the product you need faster, if you haven’t found one yet. 

Step #2:  Click the “Buy it on Jumia” or “Learn more” or “buy product” button on your desired product and you will be redirected to Jumia Website.

Step #3: Click the “BUY NOW” button on Jumia to add the product to cart.

Step #4: Click the “VIEW CART & PROCEED TO CHEKOUT” button.

Step #5: Click the “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” button and create a customer account.

Step #6: After creating your account, you will be re-directed to a page where you will enter your address and other personal info. Ensure you fill it with the correct information because your product will be delivered there.

Step #7: On the next page choose your delivery method. Choose Standard Shipping if you want your product to be delivered to your doorstep, or choose pickup station if you want to pick it up at a jumia pickup station nearest to you.

Step #8:  Choose your payment method. Choose between JumiaPayInterswitch webpay or Pay on delivery

Step #9: Click on the “Confirm order button” to make your payments. After concluding payments, you will receive a text message, phone call or email from a Jumia customer service agent to confirm that your successful order.

Step #10: Your order will be delivered to your doorstep using the details you provided in step #6 above.

Congratulations you have successfully purchased your desired product online!



Are you wondering why orders are made on Jumia website instead of our website? Is because we’re Jumia Affiliate Marketers who earn a little commission from Jumia for orders made through our website without any debit on your side.