Vitafoam Vita Mattress 6×4.5×12(delivery Within Lagos State Alone)

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62,000.00 60,140.00

Key Features

Made of High Quality Foam DensityDurableSuper Soft.mattresshard mattressLagos delivery only. 


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These quality mattresses of
medium density foam are covered with non-quilted textile and tape edges to meet
the sleeping comfort of young and middle aged persons who admire quality and style.
Top choice for schools and kid’s rooms. (Body Weight 0-50kg

Suitable for schools, hostels and children’s room. The softness
of vita shine mattress makes it comfier for the user. This product is also
suitable for teenagers below 50kg

This product is Made from medium density foam

NOTE; – This product is served to customers in different colour
and designs as it does not come in one particular colour The delivery of this
product is restricted to Lagos only.