LG 32 Inch LED Television

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65,700.00 61,000.00

Key Features
  • 32 inches
  • Antenna Input
  • 2AV
  • 1 HDMI
  • Game Function
  • 2Years product warranty


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LG 32 Inch 80cm HD LED TV  will redefine the way you enjoy
entertainment, the slim LED TV will be a perfect addition to electronics
collection. This LG TV will allow you see images in sharp and crystal
clear form. With a high resolution, you will be able to see colours in
their true form. This will make you have an enjoyable TV experience,
entertainment get better when you have a very good television. If you
are a lover of sport and action movies that involves a lot of fast
moving pictures then this LED TV is the right choice. It has an in-built
with technology that will eliminate blur from fast moving pictures.
This will ensure you have a complete all-round entertainment.

The secret behind  LG TV’s life-like color and wide viewing angle is the panel. Just as the quality of the beans 
determines the quality of the coffee, the quality of the panel determines the quality of the TV. The IPS Panel 
used by LG is the reason why LG LED TVs have clearer, more consistent, and sturdy screens. 

Life-like Color: IPS
offers a color impression that is most identical to that of the
image. The colors are truly closest to nature and most comfortable for
the eyes. 

Wide Viewing Angle: Among
LCD panels, it is visibly clear that IPS shows the most consistent
color and contrast from all angles. Free from color wash and contrast
loss, it is the ideal panel for all purposes. 

Blur-free Clarity: IPS
is decidedly superior to the competing panels in the clarity of its
pictures during fast motion display, allowing blur-free, crystal-clear

Stable Screen: IPS
panels are stable and sturdy, and resistant to damage, as opposed to
weak competing panels; just try a simple knock or poke at the screens to
see for yourself.