Generic Upgraded Version Of X7 Mobile Phone Bluetooth Wireless Game Controller Support IOS / Android Phone Black

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Key Features
  • Brand: Neutral

  • Model: X7

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong

  • Source category: Spot

  • Product Type:

  • Game Machine Accessories Type: Game Console

  • Interface Type: USB

  • Vibration mode: no vibration

  • Applicable products: iOS / Android phone

  • Material: ABS

  • Video game rating: entry level, elite, enthusiast, hardcore


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  • Remarks:

  • Foreign Android users: Download the Octopus directly from the mobile phone and add the game directly to the game to play.

  • Foreign IOS users: You can only play some small games in the icade mode. Does not support other large mainstream games!

  • Some games cannot be connected to this product due to irresistible factors such as official game platform software upgrade or source code changes.

  • Our company does not take any responsibility. Our company reserves the right of final interpretation.

  • At present, this Bluetooth controller supports: Samsung, Xiaomi, LeTV, Huawei, Meizu, OPP, VIVO, Gionee, LeTV, Coolpad, Lenovo and other mainstream products (supported Android phones reach more than 90% support, Qualcomm, Samsung, English Wei, Dahaisi, CPU.

  • MediaTek quad-core CPU phone is not supported, VIVO X5 X6 PULS, OPPO R9 PULS, red rice NOTE3 is not supported.

  • First, the most compatible platform on the market

  • 1, Android platform (no ROOT) can be used on mobile phones, tablets, set-top boxes and smart TVs

  • 2, easy to operate Directly with a Bluetooth connection can be used.

  • 3, full-featured. There are a variety of modes to choose from, different modes for different games, and improved compatibility while simplifying the steps.

  • 4, support for more games. A variety of simulators and games that support the handle function are compatible. Massive games for you to choose from.