Generic 2KVA/24V Pure Sine Wave Inverter

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158,700.00 135,800.00

Key Features
  • High-efficiency DC-to-AC Conversion
  • Compact, Sleek and Light Weight Design
  • LED Status Indicators
  • Overload Protection
  • Built-in Intelligent Charger
  • Fast changeover


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The Prag 2KVA/24V Inverter is an exceptional device which ensures prolonged power supply in your home and office. It features a high-efficiency DC to AC conversion for long lasting and reliable power supply. It has an overload protection which ensures maximum efficiency of all appliances against load shedding. Longer backup of electronic devices like computers and laptops is guaranteed with the Prag Sine Wave Inverter. For uninterrupted power supply in your home and office, make use of the Prag Inverter. It is well-designed and has been built to deliver stable voltage to your electrical devices.

If you are looking for a device which can guarantee uninterrupted power supply while offering low noise operation then you should turn to the Prag 2KVA/24V Inverter. It has fast changeover so your appliances need not go off when there is power outage. To make the most of your space, it can be wall mounted in a horizontal or vertical manner. It has a sleek and compact design which makes it possible to place anywhere in your home. It can power electronic devices like televisions, home theatre systems, fans and well as lighting. The benefits of owning this highly efficient inverter cannot be overemphasized. You will never have to miss that favourite TV programme again or have a restless and hot night.