Century Automatic Voltage Stabilizer- 5000VA

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45,000.00 33,999.00

Key Features
  •     Model: CVR 5000VA-TUB
  •     Capacity : 5000VA
  •     Output    : 230V,50hz
  •     Input: 220V
  •     Delay Mechanism for extra protection
  •     Complete Output Regulation
  •     For very large Chest Freezers and Air Conditional Units
  •     Durability


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The Most trusted brand in Nigeria for quality and service, Century
Electric Products offers Consumers a chance to purchase electronics that
last. Century Electronics Limited began by dominating the stabilizer
market in Nigeria and West Africa. Gradually expanding to household
appliances as consumers always sought out century in the home appliances
market, and being a company ultimately focused on satisfying its
consumers, Century branched out into the home appliances market. 
Century’s only mission is to provide customer-driven electronic
solutions of the highest quality to our customers at the fairest price

Century Automatic Voltage
Stabilizer CVR TUB 5000VA will help protect your home and office
appliances from irregular voltage that could damage them. With the kind of
erratic power supply that happens without notice, If your appliance is
connected to this stabilizer, the voltage from public power will enter into the
stabilizer and it will carry out any regulation that needs to be done before
sending the power to the device. It gives you a rest of mind from fear of
damage to your gadgets by becoming your appliance manager.