Binatone 36 Ceiling Fan CF-3650 WHITE

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Key Features
  • 5 speed wall mounted regularor
  • Smooth and silent operetion
  • Fan accessories induded caps, bellow with 2 gold rings,down rod and shackle
  • Double ball bearing long life motor
  • This fan is supplied with 4 anti rust aluminum balanced and matched blade set (packed separately)
  • Power65W


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This 36 inch four blade fan from Binatone delivers superior airflow
means you have to use the air conditioning less and save more. With four
anti-rust aluminium blades, comes in coffee brown, and white.Ceiling
fans are one of those things that don’t get changed so often. Since this
is the case, it makes sense to buy something that will last you.
Binatone is offering exactly thing. This particular fan runs on 65W
power supply and has 5 fan speeds. Furthermore its motor is designed to
be as smooth and silent as possible. The motor is fitted with dual ball
bearings which extend the life of the motor. The fan blades are sold
with accessories such as caps, below with 2 gold rings and a shackle and
4 anti rust aluminium blade set.

36 inch 91 cm Blades

5 Speed regulator

Power 65W