sumec firman generator spg3000e2

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Showing all 5 results

On this very page right now you will learn about the current prices of sumec firman generator spg3000e2, its specifications and offers from different vendors Nationwide.

As you know Firman are a very popular generator producing brand in Nigeria.  Firman Generators are made of high quality and durability.

Most of their generators are almost soundproof which means they can operate without producing usual annoying sound of generators. they are not the kind of ‘I pass my neighbor’ generators which would disturb the whole neighborhood just because you need power.

sumec firman generator spg3000e2 is a cost effective power solution for your home especially, now that there is erratic power supply in the country.

This sumec generator comes with a wheel  easy movement and also a key starter! Exciting right? let’s further more to the top features.

Top Features of sumec firman generator spg3000e2

Here are some top features of sumec firman generator spg3000e2 you must have to know:

  • Key starter
  • Wheel tire for movement
  • Oil Alert system
  • automatic voltage regulation (AVR)
  • 15 Litre fuel tank capacity
  • 0.6-litre oil capacity
  • Circuit breakers
  • 12 volts battery
  • Fuel Meter
  • Volt meter
  • And many more!

Where to buy sumec firman generator spg3000e2 in Nigeria

You can buy this Generator online through our shop. On our shop you will see the current prices of this generator from different vendors and their correct specifications here in Nigeria.

When you click on the “buy product” button you will be taken to the product page on Jumia Nigeria where you can find reliable dealers of this appliance and buyer’s reviews.

Price of sumec firman generator spg3000e2 in Nigeria

Now this is the moment you have been waiting for! Everything you have been reading have been building up for this moment.

The prices of sumec firman generator spg3000e2 varies from one E-commerce store to the other and from one vendor to the other. So, do not be alarmed when you see the same Generator with the same specifications having different prices. These are the prices various vendors offer for their goods.

So are you ready to see the various prices of sumec firman generator spg3000e2 in Nigerian Naira? Here are they below: